Stół do pakowania paczek - Hurtownia opakowań Rajpak

Packing table

The packing table is a professional tool that facilitates and improves the packing of shipments.

Folia stretch - Hurtownia Rajpak, hurtownia opakowań

Stretch foil

Stretch film is a durable, stretchable, tear-resistant and therefore reliable packaging material. It protects against moisture, dirt, weather conditions and secures and stabilizes the load

tasma pakowa - Hurtownia opakowań Rajpak

Packing tape

Adhesive packing tape is one of the most common methods of securing packages. Tapes are used primarily for sealing cartons, packages, pallets, foil packages, etc.

taśmy z nadrukiem - hurtownia opakowań Rajpak

Printed ribbons

Packing tape with an individual print is a great solution for anyone looking for a way to promote and advertise their company, increasing its prestige.

Taśmy ostrzegawcze

Warning tapes

Warning, repair, paper or double-sided tapes are very helpful in everyday use.

Taśmy PP

PP tapes

Polypropylene (banding) tape is primarily used to stabilize goods on pallets. Thanks to the properties of the tape, we are sure that our shipment will not move during transport.

taśma maskująca - Hurtownia opakowań Rajpak

Masking tapes

Masking tape is commonly used in painting work. It easily protects surfaces from dirt and damage.

Taśma bezpieczeństwa

Security tapes

The security tape works like sealing wax, protecting our parcel from opening. In addition, there is a reminder for the recipient to check the contents of the package with the courier.

taśma naprawcze - hurtownia opakowań Rajpak

Repair tapes

Duck tape, a popular silver tape, has a wide range of applications. Perfect for quick repairs.
Also available in black.

Folia bąbelkowa, różne rozmiary - hurtownia opakowań Rajpak

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap, bubble wrap protects against impacts, shocks and scratches. It is perfect for packing items that are sensitive to shocks, i.e. electronics, ceramics, furniture, electronics and household appliances.

Pianka polietylenowa

Polyethylene foam

Polyethylene foam is characterized by its lightness and ease of use. It is widely used in the construction industry, e.g. for thermal insulation of floors, expansion joints or central heating installations

Kątowniki tekturowe

Cardboard corners

Cardboard squares consist of several layers of paper, thanks to which they are rigid and resistant to moisture. They are used to protect various types of individual goods as well as entire pallets.

Tektura falista - Hurtownia opakowań Rajpak

Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard can be used during renovation works to protect floors and walls. Perfectly cushions and fills free spaces in collective packaging.

Woreczki foliowe strunowe

String foil bags

Plastic (string) bags are designed to store small items to protect against loss or dirt. They are ideal for displaying various elements, i.e. jewelry.

Worki na śmieci

Trash bags

Garbage bags made of durable LDPE foil available in versions with many capacities. We also recommend solid bags made of HDPE foil of various sizes.

koperty bąbelkowe - Hurtownia opakowań Rajpak

Bubble envelopes

Bubble envelopes are a popular packaging for various types of shipments. Bubble wrap inside the envelope allows for safe transport of a delicate package, protects against damage and moisture.